developing your ideas


Adviser corp was founded in November 2012 and since then has been active in the field of internet and IT services, based on the knowledge, ingenuity and youthfulness of its executives, proposing ideas and offering solutions for the business needs of its customers. The service packages we offer successfully respond to market competitiveness.


Each customer is a separate case and the agreement arises through the personal study of their needs, in order for the proposed solution to lead to the achievement of business objectives. Experience is gained through time and friction with the subject and makes us better professionals and scientists. Our contact with customers is the most important lesson for us and for every professional.

Website Development

Trust us to develop and build your website, e-commerce site, booking engine or web platform.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization includes all the practices that will help a site increase its traffic and raise pagerank score.


From our experience we will recommend the appropriate web hosting package that suits you.

Mobile Applications

The use of mobile phones has changed the internet. Come and let us guide you in the world of mobile apps.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords allows you to create ads that will to appear for specific keywords to certain audiences.


Choose one of the available support packages for you new or existing website.

Software Development

Solutions to your business needs by developing software designed to your specific requirements.

Social Media

We create professional advertising campaigns on Facebook after market research and analysis of your business.


Your page visitors want speed. If your website is slow, they will return to search results.


Our company is part of a business cluster. Get to know our team!


Web and mobile developer

Web and mobile developer. His field is applications development with modern and contemporary techniques and their integration into business models.


SAP and Database management

Specialized in development and management of SAP and large databases. He works in Germany with 30 years of experience, working with the largest companies in the world.


Java Developer
He was born in Berlin and grew up in Kozani. He is studying WING at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität in Erlangen, with a degree in electrical engineering.


Management Consultant

Specialized business management consultant. Specialized in multinational projects in countries such as Germany, Austria, Greece, etc.


Platform senior architect

Specialized in system architecture, cloud-based development and cloud native applications. He lives and works in Silicon Valley.



Graduate of Mathematical Sciences, University of Ioannina. Specialization in algorithm analysis and creation of mathematical models.